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wk 15 art activity

If you were to ask me what I will be doing with the rest of my life rightness it would be probably becoming a school counselor or working with kids somehow. If that possibility disappeared tomorrow, I would take a risk and do something with forensics which has always interested me. If I were financially secure, I would try writing or something, I do not really know cause I never thought of that possibility.

The first scenario would be me becoming a counselor. I would try to go to a school nearby if not just CSULB. The second possibility would be doing something with forensics. If I pursued this, I would like to go to a university farther to get some more life experience. The third possibility would be to become an actual psychologist. I would also stay nearby for that options.

For the first scenario I have high confidence for it, I definitely have the resources for it because I already work at a elementary school, I could have impact on some kids’ life and I would be mildly satisfied. For the second scenario , I have low confidence it will happen, I don’t really have the resources, I would have a high impact on my environment and I would be highly satisfied. For the last scenario, I would have medium confidence,  low resources, high impact and mildly satisfied.

I do have a likened that I would like to start using in the future. I would talk to some girls in my sorority to get their help on how to be successful in our career path. I also practice by researching articles about what I want to do and how to achieve it. I believe if I work hard I can get there

art activity wk 14

This specific art activity was very calming and eye opening. I think it is interesting that this was the first time I had even been to the Japanese garden at school and I am a second year. It was really beautiful, but I thought it would be bigger. It was hard to start drawing because there was so much going on, but once I started it was natural to continue.

week 14 classmate convo

For this week’s classmate conversation, I met Hailey. Hailey is a freshman. She has an undeclared major but is working towards a degree in business. Outside of school, she does volunteer work for an elementary school. She does not dorm but she commutes from downey which is only 10 minute from where I stay. One of her favorite hobbies is painting. Her favorite show is the X files and her favorite movie is Kill Bill and Scar Face. She is not a dog person yet she has 2 dogs.IMG_6105.JPG

Artist convo wk 13

For this week’s artist conversation I chose Camina Correa. Caimans a senior student at CSULB. She has been in to art since she was little and says that she is fortunate that her parent gravitated her towards that path. In her free time she likes to play video games and she even has her own gaming YouTube channel. She also enjoys nature and thinks that it is a good place to destress. Overall, she says her work is very autobiographical.

Her exhibit initially interested me because I saw lollipops and I was interested to see if she was giving away lollipops. They were scattered all against the wall. There was top ramen in the corner of the exhibit and a green and black figure in the middle of the exhibit.

Correa says that her exhibits represents her battle with diabetes. There are real blood strips placed in each lollipop that represented all the injections she had to do. The lollipop represents the sugar she cannot really eat, the top ramen represents that sometimes she cannot be picky with her food and has to eat what is available and the figure in the middle represents her body.

At first I thought the lollipops represented the joy of a college student when they first go into college. In the corner there was top ramen, so to me that resembled the mealy college students were going to eat while they were in college. In the middle, the crushed figured to me represent on the toll college take on your body.

Classmate Convo wk 13

For this week’s classmate conversation, I met Christian. Christian is a first year student. He is 18 years old and is majoring in film with a minor in psychology which i found interesting because my major is psychology. He like to watch movies and skate in his free time. His favorite food is tacos which is similar to mine which is all Mexican foods. He is from South Bay. He is mostly into hip-hop and 80s music. His favorite shows are Twin Peaks and breaking bad. He is involved with the radio station on campus.IMG_6088

Ethnography wk 12

For this week’s tasks of having a night without electricity, I chose to spend the night in my bed. Since I have been so busy with school in work, it was nice to have a night that did not have to deal with technology at all. The main thing i did was sleep a nice, peaceful sleep. That has been rare for me lately because you can get wrapped up in and distracted by your phone before you sleep either causing you to delay your sleep or distracts you so when you finally close your eyes, it is hard to actually fall asleep.This was more of a learning experience than anything because I realized I should not focus so much on technology and when I don’t, it could really benefit me in the long run. IMG_6070-1.JPG

Classmate convo Week 11

For this weeks classmate conversation I met Joanne T. Joanne is 21 years old and she is a 3rd year student. She is from Bellflower Ca which is where I am from and it is very rare to find someone who is from there so I thought that was cool. She went to st Joseph high school which was 7 minutes from old high school. She chose CSULB because it was nearby Bellower. In her spare time she like to hang out with friends and eat.IMG_5895.PNG