Wk1-Plaster Activity

For my week 1 plater activity, I decided to collaborate with my friend Elyse. Luckily we went on a nice, sunny day so it was not too cold to function at the beach. We started by finding a nice spot on the beach that was not too far from the shore and not too close so the waves would hit us. I chose to mold my foot while Elyse chose to mold her hand. We both dug a hole big enough to fit our selected body part in. After we dug the hole, we shaped the hole by putting our body part in the hole, covering it with wet sand and then gently taking the body part out. After we shaped the hole , we poured the plaster and water mix into the hole and let it set for thirty minutes. After we took out our plasters, we realized they did not take on the shape of the body parts that we picked, but we tried. If I could do something differently to better my plaster, it would be to dig a more accurate hole and add a little less water into the plaster.



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