Artist conversation #1 wk 3

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: Scry Baby

Media: Printing, painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Art 110 Artist convo week 3

The artist I got name was Kelvin Lopez. Kelvin is from San Diego. He went to San Diego for community college and is finishing up his B.F.A at CSULB. He also plans to get his graduate’s degree. In his free time he enjoys doing things many of us do like going to festivals and hanging out with friends. He is a pretty normal college student , just with a lot of artistic talent. He began to take art seriously when he took an art class and his work was not as good as the other students which motivated him to get better. Once he got the resources to do his art, he never stopped.

Kevin Lopez bases his art around crystals which he was first introduced to by his ex girlfriend. Lopez inserts different pictures into the crystal with his specialty which is print art. His art always seems to have a simple in terms of color crystals and a very colorful, abstract background. His art also uses pictures of himself, his nephews and his dogs. His art is very personal to him which I really like. The backgrounds of his prints are most impressive to me because it is visually pleasing.

The crystals in Lopez’s prints have a meaning. He stated that it was a type of crystal that resembles something of a crystal ball. When you look through the crystal it is like looking into your future. It was all connected because he would use an older picture of himself with a recent photo of himself and insert it into a crystal. He says that his inspirations for his work was Fred Tomaselli, Alex Gray and his boss Rob Brown. Lopez believes that and artist’s job in today’s society is to speak to the people and he does that through his social media outlets. He enjoys having people look at his art and having feedback on it wether or not it is positive feedback.

At first when I looked at Kevin Lopez’s work, i just saw a pretty picture but as he talked about crystals and their meanings, I saw it for more than that. I really liked the idea of seeing into the future through a crystal. This was another great example of art not just being paintings and sculptures. In Lopez’s case, it was through his prints. I’m not into all art but this opened my eyes to a whole new type of art that interests me. To me, Lopez’s art resemble that the future will be bright because he has pictures of himself when he was younger till now, the crystal resembles looking into the future  and with the bright , positive background it is safe to say the he has a positive outlook on the future.


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