week 4 activity art care

For this activity, I chose my cousin in Louisiana to send my art package to. First, I included a mug that says Zeta Tau Alpha, which is my sorority, on it. I chose to put this mug in because my cousin is the one who encouraged me to go greek and break out of my shell. If it were not for her I would have never met all the amazing people I know now and I would not be as happy. Second I chose to put a note that says #blacklivesmater. It was just a reminder to stay safe and to remind her that even though we are evolving as a country, there are still people who are racist especially in the south. Finally, I put a candle in because she got me into candles. It is very important that she got me into candles because when ever I am having a stressful day, I’ll light s candle and it seems to relieve some of my stress which I really need in my life.



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