Week 4 Artist convo

For this weeks artist conversation I chose the artists Elmer and Robert. Elmer and Robert are both undergraduate students who are working on their BFA. They both plan to move on to their graduate degrees in the future. Elmer is from south Los Angeles and Robert is from many different suburb in California like Pico Rivera. Besides painting, one of Robert’s other hobbies is listening to music and Elmer enjoys hanging out with friends. They both love art for the simple reason that it is a good place to express themselves . They both are very untraditional artists and like to stray away form traditional ways of doing art.

What initially drew me to their gallery was the unique street style. The colors and distortions used in Elmer’s paintings were very interesting to me. I really could tell he put a lot of effort into his art which I could appreciate. There was even a divider that they spray painted to fit the theme of the gallery . I thought the idea of the fence spray-painted divider was brilliant. At first I did not think much of Robert’s painting until I realized it was painted on cardboard. It is outstanding how good of work he did on such an unusual painting material.

For Robert’s painting, he said he used cardboard material because he knew that the painting would not last. It was like a metaphor for life, that everything is momentary. The people he painted were all of his mentors like his boss, grandmother and mother. For Elmer, anyone can see his south Los Angeles roots from his drawings. It is a very unique style that is very hard to adopt, but since he is from there he executes it perfectly. Both artists agreed that this gallery as a way to show their voices.

As a spectator, I really enjoyed this gallery. It was aesthetically pleasing as well as having a deeper meaning. The different techniques from the artists really amazed me and how they had completely different styles yet were able to collaborate for this galley. I connected more with Elmer’s work because I have been in and out of Los Angeles my entire life and his work looks like a good representation of what the homeless life is like in Los Angeles. It really makes you realize that even though a person may be homeless, they all have a story.


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