Week 5 artist conv

For this weeks artist conversation I closed Joshua. Joshua is a third year undergraduate student from Pasadena. He likes listening to music and eating food and his favorite food is Thai food. Joshua first started off in the graphic design fill the later switch to school thing because it was a better way to express himself rather than graphic design where you had to impress other people. he is still not sure if he wants to get his masters degree.

Joshua’s work was these beautiful doll like figurines plastered inside cement. When you first walk into the gallery it was dark in there are wind chimes playing in the background. The cement were wind up in such a way that a person would have to choose either go around through orover the cement. Joshua even pointed out that he did that on purpose just out of curiosity of which ways people would go.  Overall Joshua created a very mysterious and interesting set up.

At first  glance I could see that gallery had something to do with a particular thing being trapped but I was not for sure what it was and when talking to Joshua he said that he was inspired to do this piece right after the inauguration. The piece represented gender issues and the problems that we are facing today. Joshua said he always related cuteness to queerness which is why the figurines in the cement were very playful and cute and to contrast that with a more masculine approach , Joshua added the cement. This work represents how some people are trapped with the gender issues. Because of new political things , they are becoming trapped again and losing the progress we’be made as a country towards gender issues.

At first when I went to the galler it was set up to

me like a cemetery. I had originally imagined that had to do with something like child hood lost or how we grow up and forget about the things we used to do as children. After hearing Joshua’s interpretation of his piece , I can definitely see that as well.


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