Finction story wk 6

For this weeks fiction story I chose the art exhibit of memes.

It is 2030 and our world has been over thrown by memes. The only way of communication is through memes. Even if you want to text something very important it has to be made into a meme or you have to use a meme that already exists. The reason this even exists is because a group of millennials got into congress and decided this could be the only form of communication online. At first it was funny, like in 2014 when memes started to get very popular and you had the option to use it or not. It was the best thing to do and made your day but now it has gotten out of control. Everything is being made into a meme, president speeches, reality shows and even educational shows have been made into memes. We have had enough . The new generation has adapted to this but millennials who were never that fond of memes have had enough and have decided to strike back…. TO BE CONTINUED…..img_5619


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