Artist convo wk 7

For this weeks artist conversation I chose to mine about Andrea Mejia. Andrea is a fifth year undergraduate who is getting her B.F.A in illustration. She does plan on going to graduate school after graduating. In her free time she likes to watch movies and since she works at a movie theater, she gets to watch a lot of free movies. Her overall favorite movies is Wolfe Children.

Andrea specializes in silk screening. She has a comic  book she is working on and incorporates some of her characters in her work. Her piece the gallery was very colorful and full of gems. She said that she did not any really close relationships with gems and crystals but decided to incorporate them in this piece because it was a cool concept. The crystals in her her piece were very abstract.

The entire gallery was filled with many different things. One thing that I did notice was that it start off with a lot of color but as you made you way around the room, it went to black and white.The gallery also had the themes of things having to do with politics.

To me, the gallery went in a way from making fun of politics like most of us do, and then once the painting started to get to black in white, the topics became more serious. The theme was politics and in the more deeper, serious side of the room you could see pieces having to do with women issues and topic like that.


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