wk 9 artist convo

For this week’s artist conversation I chose David Desantis. David is a senior at CSULB who works full time. He does not want to go to grad school immediately after he is done with his bachelors but plans to go sometime in the future. He is getting his BFA in printing. His Instagram is raptureefineart. In his free time he likes to play pool, snowboard, and go to music festivals. He describes himself as an adrenaline junkie. He draws his inspirations for art through music like EDM, dubstep and hard rock.

David’s paintings are very abstracts. Some paintings looks as if he just splattered paint onto  paper while others look thought out.It is full of abstract shapes and splatters that come together to make an interesting piece of art.He used plexiglass for most of his art pieces which is one of his favorite materials,

I believe his painting were mainly focused on work he made in result of listening to music like hard rocks, metal, and elm/dubstep. It did not seem to me like he had a plan for his work but instead he just started drawing and ended up with some of these cool draws.This was cool to see him explore splattering, He said that Jackson Paul  was one of his inspirations and you can clearly see that through his paintings.

The artists work resonates with me because I usually do not have things planned out in my life. I usually go with the flow just like it seems like David did in these drawings. He did not seem to have  plan but ended up with great drawings which i interesting because it is a very untraditional way of doing things in art.


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