Artist Conversation week 10

For this week’s artist conversation, I decided to do mine on Amy Duran. Amy is a senior at CSULB and her field of interest is in ceramics .She is a cake decorated in her spare time and eventually wants to make props for movies as a career. Her Instagram is @polkadot.pony.

Amy’s showcase was of a ceramic doll going through certain events. The doll represented her and seemed to be made out of clay. There was a cool effect on each stage. If you pulled a lever, the setting on each stages would change a little. She also had magical type music in the background.

Though the artist was no there, I did get informations from a close friend of hers. The showcase was supposed to represent the artist’s journey of woman hood and the obstacles she faced. The clay figure represents the artist and she tells her story through an Alice and Wonderland type way.

I got the same conclusion s the artist did except I did not think that the clay figure in the stages were the actual artist except I thought it was a character the artist made up. It seemed to me like something that could be mad into a cartoon series.


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