Artist conversation week 11

For this artist conversation I chose Yugia Gu. She is an international student from China and is in her last year at CSULB. She is a graphic design major. When she first got into college she wanted to be a painter but then switched to graphic design.

Gu’s exhibit was something you would see in an advertisement. It expressed her stance on gun violence in the U.S. The colors were all black and had some splashes of red colors. This represented death and all the blood shedded because of gun violence.

Gu did this because gun violence is more prominent in the United States than in China. Her exhibit was foiled with pictures of you children who were the victims of gun violence. She started doing research last year and then expanded on that throughout her process of making this exhibit.

Overall, I think it was a good message the exhibit had. It bring more awareness to a cause that is being discussed a lot in the media . When you get to see the actual people who were affected by these events.


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