Artist convo wk 13

For this week’s artist conversation I chose Camina Correa. Caimans a senior student at CSULB. She has been in to art since she was little and says that she is fortunate that her parent gravitated her towards that path. In her free time she likes to play video games and she even has her own gaming YouTube channel. She also enjoys nature and thinks that it is a good place to destress. Overall, she says her work is very autobiographical.

Her exhibit initially interested me because I saw lollipops and I was interested to see if she was giving away lollipops. They were scattered all against the wall. There was top ramen in the corner of the exhibit and a green and black figure in the middle of the exhibit.

Correa says that her exhibits represents her battle with diabetes. There are real blood strips placed in each lollipop that represented all the injections she had to do. The lollipop represents the sugar she cannot really eat, the top ramen represents that sometimes she cannot be picky with her food and has to eat what is available and the figure in the middle represents her body.

At first I thought the lollipops represented the joy of a college student when they first go into college. In the corner there was top ramen, so to me that resembled the mealy college students were going to eat while they were in college. In the middle, the crushed figured to me represent on the toll college take on your body.


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