wk 15 art activity

If you were to ask me what I will be doing with the rest of my life rightness it would be probably becoming a school counselor or working with kids somehow. If that possibility disappeared tomorrow, I would take a risk and do something with forensics which has always interested me. If I were financially secure, I would try writing or something, I do not really know cause I never thought of that possibility.

The first scenario would be me becoming a counselor. I would try to go to a school nearby if not just CSULB. The second possibility would be doing something with forensics. If I pursued this, I would like to go to a university farther to get some more life experience. The third possibility would be to become an actual psychologist. I would also stay nearby for that options.

For the first scenario I have high confidence for it, I definitely have the resources for it because I already work at a elementary school, I could have impact on some kids’ life and I would be mildly satisfied. For the second scenario , I have low confidence it will happen, I don’t really have the resources, I would have a high impact on my environment and I would be highly satisfied. For the last scenario, I would have medium confidence,  low resources, high impact and mildly satisfied.

I do have a likened that I would like to start using in the future. I would talk to some girls in my sorority to get their help on how to be successful in our career path. I also practice by researching articles about what I want to do and how to achieve it. I believe if I work hard I can get there


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