Artist conversation week 11

For this artist conversation I chose Yugia Gu. She is an international student from China and is in her last year at CSULB. She is a graphic design major. When she first got into college she wanted to be a painter but then switched to graphic design.

Gu’s exhibit was something you would see in an advertisement. It expressed her stance on gun violence in the U.S. The colors were all black and had some splashes of red colors. This represented death and all the blood shedded because of gun violence.

Gu did this because gun violence is more prominent in the United States than in China. Her exhibit was foiled with pictures of you children who were the victims of gun violence. She started doing research last year and then expanded on that throughout her process of making this exhibit.

Overall, I think it was a good message the exhibit had. It bring more awareness to a cause that is being discussed a lot in the media . When you get to see the actual people who were affected by these events.


wedge art project wk 10

For my reducing of the wedge in the USU I would move block sculpture over or up in order to make the wedge bigger than move seeing into the middle of the pathway and up. It would be better beaches there would be equal amount of rooms for students to pass through both pathways entering into the USU. Students will be happy a year from and remember the old times where they had to struggle to get through the wedge.IMG_5868

Artist Conversation week 10

For this week’s artist conversation, I decided to do mine on Amy Duran. Amy is a senior at CSULB and her field of interest is in ceramics .She is a cake decorated in her spare time and eventually wants to make props for movies as a career. Her Instagram is @polkadot.pony.

Amy’s showcase was of a ceramic doll going through certain events. The doll represented her and seemed to be made out of clay. There was a cool effect on each stage. If you pulled a lever, the setting on each stages would change a little. She also had magical type music in the background.

Though the artist was no there, I did get informations from a close friend of hers. The showcase was supposed to represent the artist’s journey of woman hood and the obstacles she faced. The clay figure represents the artist and she tells her story through an Alice and Wonderland type way.

I got the same conclusion s the artist did except I did not think that the clay figure in the stages were the actual artist except I thought it was a character the artist made up. It seemed to me like something that could be mad into a cartoon series.

wk 9 artist convo

For this week’s artist conversation I chose David Desantis. David is a senior at CSULB who works full time. He does not want to go to grad school immediately after he is done with his bachelors but plans to go sometime in the future. He is getting his BFA in printing. His Instagram is raptureefineart. In his free time he likes to play pool, snowboard, and go to music festivals. He describes himself as an adrenaline junkie. He draws his inspirations for art through music like EDM, dubstep and hard rock.

David’s paintings are very abstracts. Some paintings looks as if he just splattered paint onto  paper while others look thought out.It is full of abstract shapes and splatters that come together to make an interesting piece of art.He used plexiglass for most of his art pieces which is one of his favorite materials,

I believe his painting were mainly focused on work he made in result of listening to music like hard rocks, metal, and elm/dubstep. It did not seem to me like he had a plan for his work but instead he just started drawing and ended up with some of these cool draws.This was cool to see him explore splattering, He said that Jackson Paul  was one of his inspirations and you can clearly see that through his paintings.

The artists work resonates with me because I usually do not have things planned out in my life. I usually go with the flow just like it seems like David did in these drawings. He did not seem to have  plan but ended up with great drawings which i interesting because it is a very untraditional way of doing things in art.

wk 8 classmate convo

For this week’s classmate conversation, I met Vicky Wu. Vicky is a first year health care administration major. She is form a town called Rosemead. On of her favorite foods are from hot pot. She listens to EDM and hip hop which I thought was interesting since i have been getting into EDM a lot lately. She chose to go to CSULB because it was better for what she wanted to major in. She does not have a job. As far as clubs go, she is in a cultural sorority called Sigma Phi Omega. She currently lives in the dorms.IMG_5769

Week 8 finger painting

For this week’s activity, we did finger painting. My experience with this project was very easy and more fun than I imagined. I am not a very artistic person so it was nice to finally have a project that did not take a lot of artistic ability. It was just as easy I expected because there is not too much to it. I really like being able to create my own art and not have to follow any guidelines. It is more abstract and unstructured compared to other paintings you see. I like how you can see the painter’s emotions in the painting based of the patterns and amount of pressure they use on the painting. It is usually hard for me to interpret art but it is very easy for me to interpret finger paintingIMG_5809.

Artist convo wk 7

For this weeks artist conversation I chose to mine about Andrea Mejia. Andrea is a fifth year undergraduate who is getting her B.F.A in illustration. She does plan on going to graduate school after graduating. In her free time she likes to watch movies and since she works at a movie theater, she gets to watch a lot of free movies. Her overall favorite movies is Wolfe Children.

Andrea specializes in silk screening. She has a comic  book she is working on and incorporates some of her characters in her work. Her piece the gallery was very colorful and full of gems. She said that she did not any really close relationships with gems and crystals but decided to incorporate them in this piece because it was a cool concept. The crystals in her her piece were very abstract.

The entire gallery was filled with many different things. One thing that I did notice was that it start off with a lot of color but as you made you way around the room, it went to black and white.The gallery also had the themes of things having to do with politics.

To me, the gallery went in a way from making fun of politics like most of us do, and then once the painting started to get to black in white, the topics became more serious. The theme was politics and in the more deeper, serious side of the room you could see pieces having to do with women issues and topic like that.